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With our combined 40 years experience in the construction industry, we’ve developed a tried and tested process for solving building defects. You can have peace of mind knowing that your problem will be solved in the best way possible. Read more about our process below. 

Step 1 - Discoveries

This stage is all about gathering high level information to enable us to make early recommendations. We will conduct a site visit, collect and review relevant construction documentation then prepare an early-stage report with a recommendation for the ensuing best steps to take.

We would normally table this report at an OC meeting where we can answer questions posed by non-technical owners directly helping them understand an issue and feel comfortable and confident with the recommendations we may make. 

With some defects we may guide you down a legal path to recover costs. We work with a great team of legal professionals that specialise in this space. 

This is often the end of our process as the solution to the defect may be as simple as cleaning a drain.

Step 2 - Preliminaries

During this stage we engage professional service providers such as engineers, architects, building surveyors and other consultant to provide a designed solution to solve the matter. The solution is then documented to enable builders and contractors to quote the work accurately. 

We then run a competitive tender process to ensure we get the right team repairing the problem. Interviewing the preferred tenderers is key as we are looking for the best value provider that may not necessarily be the cheapest.

Many repair projects are extremely expensive to fix. DFX FIX has close commercial relationships with key lenders who may assist with remediation funding if needed. 

Step 3 - Construction

We oversee the construction phase making sure the works are completed as specified. Often during construction, we also find unexpected surprises. Here we manage these issues to minimise delays and disruption to occupants.

Having knowledgeable professionals on your side leads to a faster construction process, less disruption to residents and often lower overall cost.

Step 4 -
Final sign off

Depending on the project this may just be a quality management process to confirm the project is complete and all defects are resolved. Where the issue is covered by a building order, such as with combustible cladding, we will make sure that order is lifted.

We also collect new completed construction documentation and provide this back to the OC and Strata managers for future reference. 

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